Saturday, February 1, 2014

#H5N1 Guangxi Announces 1 New Case

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From the CDC Taiwan:

Guangxi Province, the new H5N1 influenza cases was 75 -year-old man with a history of exposure to poultry, 1 month 29 days hospitalized because of severe pneumonia, 2 months 1 day diagnosis is now in critical condition, said health authorities in mainland China as sporadic cases of the case, before and after the onset of travel history and no history of contact with foreigners, there are no close contacts of cases and no signs of the onset of the spread.

A bit more detail on this case:

Moreover, according to the Ministry of Health Bulletin, Guangxi confirmed case of human infection of H5N1 avian influenza, the patient was male, 75 years old, living in Liuzhou city with the history of exposure to poultry. January 29 this year, because of severe pneumonia in Liuzhou People's Hospital for treatment, the patient is currently in critical condition, was in full swing rescue. 

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