Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Guangxi confirmed one case of human infection with the #H7N9 avian flu

Translation from the Guangxi Health Department
hat-tip Ironorehopper

January 28, 2014, Hezhou report one case of severe acute respiratory infections, at 21:30 on the 29th, the autonomous regional Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, China CDC and testing and review, the nucleic acid sample results were positive for H7N9. The regional health department expert group of patients based on the history of epidemiology, clinical manifestations and laboratory test results to determine human infection of H7N9 avian flu, which is the first case of human infection with the H7N9 Guangxi confirmed bird flu cases.
Patients Su Moumou, female, 56 years old, a farmer living in the town Lingfeng Hezhou Babu District. Patients with fever, cough six days, shortness of breath increased one day, worked in two private clinics, no improvement after the 27th to Lingfeng hospitals for treatment, hospital doctors consider the patient's condition serious immediately be transferred to the People's Hospital of Hezhou treatment. Currently, patients in the ICU rescue Hezhou People's Hospital in a critical condition. Autonomous medical expert group is being organized to rescue. The epidemiological investigation of live poultry before the onset of patient exposure history. The case of the 19 who have been in close contact with medical observation to take timely measures, has not yet found an exception.
Expert Tip: human infection with H7N9 avian influenza, preventable, controllable and treatable, the masses to achieve the "Fifth": To ground ventilation , to wash their hands, cover mouth to cough, sneeze to their noses, once the fever, cough such as acute respiratory infection symptoms, to timely medical treatment; to do "three not": Do not eat sick (dead) birds, do not touch sick (dead) bird droppings , do not buy withoutquarantine certificates for poultry.

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