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CDC Taiwan Press Release - February 1, 2014

Press Release
Mainland China, Guangxi Province, 1 new cases of H5N1 flu cases, Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces were added four cases of H7N9 flu cases, the command center called on citizens to go abroad is important to note prevention 

Command Center today ( 2 February 1 day) and the Chinese mainland health authorities confirmed, Guangxi add one example of H5N1 flu confirmed cases, the province's first appearance on the H5N1influenza cases in 2009 was 1 month. Another Zhejiang Province and Guangdong Province were added4 cases H7N9 flu confirmed cases, showing the risks and threats of epidemic persists. Currently the command center for human bird flu outbreak suggested travel, China Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Hunan, Shanghai, Beijing, Fujian Province and Guangxi provinces for the second stage: Alert (Alert ); Other municipalities (excluding Hong Kong and Macau) as the first stage: Note ( Watch ).Command Center plans to remind people in mainland China, it is important to avoid contact with birds, to maintain good health habits, and calls upon physicians treating patients with pneumonia, be sure to ask the patient's travel history.
Guangxi Province, the new H5N1 influenza cases was 75 -year-old man with a history of exposure to poultry, 1 month 29 days hospitalized because of severe pneumonia, 2 months 1 day diagnosis is now in critical condition, said health authorities in mainland China as sporadic cases of the case, before and after the onset of travel history and no history of contact with foreigners, there are no close contacts of cases and no signs of the onset of the spread. Another of the day to add four cases of H7N9 flu cases, the first one in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, Fuyang, cases of 80 -year-old male farmer, 1 month 31 days confirmed, is in critical condition, hospital treatment; Section 2 cases of Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, 54 -year-old man Workers, 1 month 31 days confirmed, is in critical condition, hospital treatment; first three cases of Longgang District 6 -year-old boy, 2 months 1 day diagnosed mild, stable condition; first four cases in Guangdong Huaiji County, Zhaoqing City, Province, 5 -year-old boy, 2months 1 day diagnosed, currently in a stable condition, hospital treatment.
Mainland China and Hong Kong to ( 102 ) in 10 months 1 day after the autumn so far H7N9 human cases of influenza notified cumulative 145 cases, 16 deaths, Zhejiang Province, 68 cases in Guangdong Province 42 cases, Fujian Province, 11 cases in Shanghai 8 cases , Jiangsu Province, eight cases in Beijing one example, Hunan 2 cases, Guangxi Province, an example, Hong Kong 4 cases. Also since last 3 months 31 days so far, a total of confirmed 279 cases, including 63 deaths.
The country since last 4 months 3 days will be "from H7N9 flu "as the fifth class of infectious diseases, so far a total of 529 cases of reported cases, including two infectious cases (including 1 death cases), 522patients with negative test, 5 Example inspection.
Command Center pointed out that the Chinese mainland autumn H7N9 flu cases are more concentrated in Zhejiang Province and Guangdong Province, mainland China does not rule out the epidemic has expanded south trend, the majority of cases, history of contact with live bird markets and poultry.Currently H7N9 influenza transmission to humans mainly from poultry, but there may be a limited, non-sustained human to human transmission case.
Command Center to remind physicians should be strengthened asked history and history of exposure to the patient travel, such as found in line with H7N9 influenza informed patient is defined, shall promptly notify the health authority and the cautious response; and to remind people, travel to mainland China, should avoid contact with poultry classes and access live Street markets and poultry birds, bird market, especially not to pick up dead birds; eating chickens, ducks, geese and eggs to be cooked;, and should be implemented hand-washing and other personal hygiene measures to avoid infection. When you return home if fever or flu-like symptoms, they should inform the airline personnel and airport and port of quarantine officers; such as after returning the above symptoms should wear a mask and seek medical advice and inform the physician contact history and travel history. Latest epidemic diseases and other related information can be found in the Agency website ( the " H7N9 flu Corner "and" International Travel Information "area, or call the toll-free hotline and caring people informed epidemic 1922 ( or 0800-001922) contact.

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