Thursday, February 6, 2014

China: A family cluster of H7N9 cases in Guangxi?

Hat-tip to Crosfblog:
Guangxi has reported a boy contracted the H7N9 strain of bird flu, a day after his mother was confirmed to have the virus. 

She began to feel unwell late last month while in Zhongshan in Guangdong, and returned to Nanning on January 28
Previously posted here as a family/geographical cluster.  Earlier I had also detected a geographical cluster involving the mother and previous cases, that I posted here.

So basically, you come up with this list.  The ones in red are the family cluster.

Guangdong – possible contact case
Date of Report:  1/29/14
Name:  17(M) Zhang
From:   Huangpu Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Onset:  1/22
Adm:  1/27 Guangzhou City, Stable
Confirmed:  1/29
Discharged:  1/30 (not in WHO Update)
Note:  Possible contact with case reported on 2/2 from Zhongshan.
Date of Article:  2/2/14
Name:  37(M) Liang Yijun
From:  Triangle Town, Zhongshan City
Adm:  ICU Zhongshan City
Confirmed:  2/1
Note:  Case reported 1/29 (discharged) is from Huangpu, town in Zhongshan City.
Date of Article:  2/3/14
Name:  2(F) Liang Yijun
From:  Triangle Town, Zhongshan City
Adm:  Zhongshan, Stable
Confirmed:  2/2
Guangxi – Imported from Guangdong Contact Case
Date of Article:  2/4/14
Name:  41(F) Li
From:  Heng County, Nanning City
Onset:  1/27
Adm:  2/3 ICU County Hospital
Confirmed:  2/4/14
Note:  Returned from Zhongshan City, Guangdong on 1/27.
Guangxi – Contact Case
Date of Article:  2/5/14
Name:  5(M)  Gan
From:  Heng Tao Xu Zhen
Note:  For the input of patient Li Moumou children)
Onset:  2/3
Adm:  Stable
Confirmed:  2/5
Contact Case:  Mother 41(F) Date of Article:  2/4/14

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