Sunday, February 2, 2014

#H7N9 Guangdong - Contact Cases? 3 Cases in Buji from January 11-Feb. 2

Date of Report:  1/11/14
Name:  76(M) Zhao
From:  Buji, Longgang District, Shenzhen City
Onset:  1/3
Adm:  1/9 ICU, Third People’s Hospital, tamiflu
Note:  no poultry exposure.  Co-morbidities.  37 contacts.

Date of Article:  2/1/14
Nam:  6(M) Lee
From:  Buji Street, Shenzhen
Adm:  Shenzhen, stable
Confirmed:  2/1

Date of Article:  2/2/14
 Name:  63(M) Yijun
From:  Buji Street
Adm:  ?
Confirmed:  2/1/14
DOD:  2/1/14

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