Friday, February 7, 2014

#H7N9 Guangdong to Guangxi: Geographical & Contact Cluster of 5

Guangdong – possible contact case
Date of Report:  1/29/14
Name:  17(M) Zhang
From:   Huangpu Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Onset:  1/22
Adm:  1/27 Guangzhou City, Stable
Confirmed:  1/29
Discharged:  1/30 (not in WHO Update)
Note:  Possible contact with case reported on 2/2 from Zhongshan.  Huangpu is a town in Zhongsham City. 

Date of Article:  2/2/14
Name:  37(M) Liang Yijun
From:  Triangle Town, Zhongshan City
Adm:  ICU Zhongshan City
Confirmed:  2/1
Note:  Case reported 1/29 (discharged) is from Huangpu, town in Zhongshan City.

Date of Article:  2/3/14
Name:  2(F) Liang Yijun
From:  Triangle Town, Zhongshan City
Adm:  Zhongshan, Stable
Confirmed:  2/2

Guangxi – Contact case- Imported from Guangdong
Date of Article:  2/4/14
Name:  41(F) Li
From:  Heng County, Nanning City
Onset:  1/27
Adm:  2/3 ICU Heng Hospital
Confirmed:  2/4/14
Note:  Worked in and returned from Zhongshan City, Guangdong on 1/27.
Contact Case:  Son 5(M) date of article: 2/5/14.

Guangxi – Contact Case
Date of Article:  2/5/14
Name:  5(M)  Gan
From:  Heng, Nanning
Note:  For the input of patient Li Moumou children)

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