Friday, December 26, 2008

Arrangements to combat Berdflu in Bhutan

Dec 26, 12:07 am
(Jalpaiguri): the last days of the state of West Bengal, North Bengal in the area of the spread of information can only Berdflu confederate neighboring Bhutan in the prevention of Berdflu are to be arranged rapidly.
The Royal Bhutan and Bhutan under the Agricultural and Funcoling foot Reguletri Bhutan Authority by the last several months in view of the gate on the prevention of Berdflu campaign is going. Under which India and Bhutan to enter the vehicle and pedestrian traffic, passengers boarded them to spray chemicals on people first Antiberdflu After this is done only in Bhutan is permitted to enter.
Bhutan's order issued by the department concerned in Bhutan under the chicken meat and eggs to take to prohibit the sale and has been. Bhutan to be there every person close to check the goods after they are allowed to enter. Bhutan border with Berdflu so strictly follow the investigation process that is being done, which takes hours are rows of vehicles.
Bhutanese citizens which will have to face the problem.
On the other hand, the visit to Bhutan in India's Bihar province, were residents of Sanjay Gupta and Feroz Mahmood said that the fare of the car when they were going Funcoling Bhutan (Bhutan) to enter the inside of the vehicle by the staff of Bafra people sitting on the body spray was too anti Berdflu.
He appreciated this kind of caution that this campaign would also run the risk of completely Berdflu ends.
In this order Jayganv Association Mrchet Chamber Surendra Prasad said the Chairman of West Bengal and North Bengal Berdflu in the super market but spread in various places, including the sale is still open which should immediately stop local people or in Berdflu a strong fear of the spread of the disease can be. Malda, he said, most places, including chicken Uttrdinajpur related to the sale of food and shopping has been banned. A similar rule should be made here. Mr. Prasad said that in Bhutan Berdflu to avoid measures which are being appreciated and that similar action sought to start here.

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