Thursday, December 11, 2008

Indo-Demak: 7,707 tails of the Positif AI Poultry

[Demak is in Central Java. Map:]

DEMAK—Dinas Pertanian (Dispertan) Demak recorded, for 2008, 30 cases of bird flu happened. Finally, this December, 1 case in the Jetis Sari Hamlet, Desa Katonsari, Kecamatan Demak Kota. From the chicken population discussed as many as 40 tails, 3 including dying suddenly. Beforehand, to 22 and last November 29, also the case of bird flu in the Betokan District, Kecamatan Demak Kota and the Kalitengah Village, happened Kecamatan Mranggen. In Betokan, from the chicken population discussed as many as 35 tails, 5 including dying. Whereas in the Kalitengah Village, from the chicken population discussed as many as 10 tails, four including dying was affected by bird flu.

It was related that this case, Dispertan did not carry out the extermination of the poultry. “Upaya that was carried out by us was spraying of disinfectant as well as isolated the poultry. Afterwards the poultry that still was living was forbidden to be cut off or sold at least in time of two bulan,” revealed Kasubdin Peternakan in the Pertanian Service (Dispertan) Demak went through Kasi Kesehatan of the Animal drh Sudaryanti. According to Sudaryanti, the case of bird flu in the Demak Regency still must be guarded against. Because in extension in January till December 2008 (a tar-final year), 30 cases happened. This case resulted in the poultry of various kinds with the population totalling 16,552 tails, 3,656 including dying. His side was forced to destroy the positive poultry was affected by Avian Influenza (AI) totalling 7,707 tails.

Prevented the occurrence of the pandemic, his side appealed to the community mengkandangkan his poultry was separated from the house. Moreover, the community must also maintain the cleanliness of the environment. Because of all the cases of bird flu that happened, the majority was in the location of the dirty environment. Prevention efforts, Dispertan was still having stock of disinfectant 576 litre.

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