Sunday, January 18, 2009

The child pre-schoolers China was infected by bird flu

[This is an excerpt on the 2 year old confirmed case in China, from an article I found in Indonesia]

The ministry of the China Health in one of his statements in stated, the girl of the bird flu sufferer was moved to RS other after his condition was increasingly worrying and the authorised official officially stated he was infected, on Saturday. The "condition" for "the girl was very critical." Officially Kesehatan Shanxi tried hard to rescue him by involving a team that consisted of the experts in his field, said the Ministry's side of the Health. "Everyone had not at once wanted to establish contact with the girl since he underwent observation." At this time, his fever was increasingly abnormal. In the meantime, the Kesehatan Body of the World (WHO) stated, the Ministry of the China Health gave the note to them about this case, but not in a manner details. "We continued to hold contact with the Ministry" of the "Health," said the official's spokesperson of the WHO Office in China.

Burnt ayam After not having the report about the case of bird flu last year, China now justifies the discovery of two cases in several last weeks. The authority of the China health, some time before stated a woman of the bird flu sufferer died in Beijing after he bought the duck in one of the markets in the Hebei Province province. Sebagain the resident in the discovery territory of the case of this bird flu at this time began to carry out the act of the prevention by burning the chicken as well as their property poultry. Since the virus H5N1 emerged to the surface in the Asian region in 2003, this virus infected 391 people, killed 247 people from them. Was like this the note that will be released by WHO mid December 2008

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