Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dead bird renews fears of HK avian influenza

A DEAD wild bird was suspected of having an H5 strain of bird flu after it was found in Hong Kong, a spokesman for the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department of Hong Kong said yesterday.

The carcass of a crested myna was found at Shau Tau, on the island of Tung Ping Chau, on Thursday and further confirmatory tests were being conducted. The spokesman said there were no poultry farms within 3 kilometers of where the dead bird was found.

[From wikipedia:
Geographically, Ping Chau is an offshore island located in the northeast corner of Hong Kong in Mirs Bay and is close to the border with Guangdong Province in mainland China. The island has an area of 1.16 km² and consists of shale rock. The island is much closer to Mainland China (4 km) than to the main landmass of Hong Kong. It is close to Nan'ao of Dapeng. The island is the most easterly point of Hong Kong.]

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