Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The high number of endemic countries to 40 - Chile to join the airport's quarantine

Tuesday, May 19, 2009 - 13:40

The World Health Organization within the Department of the State of Chile, which identified the suspect, in addition to 39 other States; subject to all the passengers from those countries affected by avian influenza virus to pigs, the Department of quarantine at Cairo airport, to sign the medical examination was to identify a virus or not.

يأتى ذلك فى إطار الإجراءات المشددة التى يشهدها مطار القاهرة الدولى للكشف عن المصابين بالمرض قبل دخولهم للبلاد، ووفق تعليمات منظمة الصحة العالمية يخضع جميع الركاب القادمين من شيلى، بدء من اليوم، للفحص بمطار القاهرة.

This comes within the framework procedures undertaken in the Cairo International Airport for the detection of infected before entering the country, according to the instructions and the World Health Organization and all passengers arriving from Chile, the start of the day, the examination of the Cairo International Airport.

ويذكر أن إدارة الحجر الصحى قد استقبلت حتى أمس الاثنين أكثر من 4500 راكب من الدول المصابة بالمرض، إلا أنه ثبت سلامتهم منه باستثناء الأسرة الفرنسية التى اشتبه فى إصابتها بأنفلونزا الخنازير ونقلت على أثرها لمستشفى حميات العباسية.

It is noted that the management of the quarantine had received as of Monday more than 4500 passengers from countries afflicted by the disease, but it proved the exception of safety from the French family which was suspected of being infected with swine flu and the impact was admitted to hospital Abbasiyah.

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