Sunday, May 30, 2010

Vietnam: PPRS raging, pork slump


While authorities advised, blue ear pig disease is not contagious to humans and consumers can rest assured full use of pork products cooked but recent developments in the markets, super- Marketing found that consumption of pork declined. Meanwhile, demand for foods from poultry, aquatic - marine products increased ...

Pork with "estrangement"
Previously, pork is always the number one choice of housewives, but since PRRS raging in many provinces in the north, most consumers are disturbed not knowing when purchasing PRRS can infect humans and whether they have when purchasing pork disease control, quarantine still loose. And to be sure, many housewives find the food items to replace.

This has made their prices of foods such as poultry, seafood - seafood. In the markets in Hanoi, the price of beef tenderloin with 150,000 VND / kg, beef buttock 140,000 VND / kg, veal 120,000 VND per kg, chicken lives 100,000 VND / kg, Whole chicken available 130,000 VND / kg. Aquatic and marine resources is the best selling items. Success in the market, price carp from 45,000 to 48,000 VND per kg, tilapia 35,000 VND / kg, hundreds of VND 40,000 / kg, fish 85 000 Results per kg, 240,000 prawns per kg, 120,000 barrier shrimp per kg .. . As reflected by consumer prices inched up items are 50-10% compared to before.

Mental health of consumers far made pork fall slump. Remains the most disadvantaged farmers and small business sales. A crucial problem posed is how to prevent zoning and definitely blue ear epidemic.

After almost two month outbreak, to date, PRRS has spread wide in many places in 15 provinces and cities in the North. Total number of pigs infected up to tens of thousands of children.

For weeks now, the owners in a market in Hanoi is always complaining about the lack customers, although humid pork in most major markets have been quarantined. Many small businesses forced to lower prices to attract buyers but has not changed the situation. Pork prices drop in recent days from 10,000 to 15,000 VND per kg. Accordingly, the pork loin down to 60,000 VND / kg, three meat only 50,000 VND / kg, lean pork shoulder and buttocks rumors 55,000 / kg ... In particular, very difficult to consume pork and traders were forced prices sharply, from 35,000 VND / kg reduced from 25,000 to 28,000 VND / kg (not in translation), 22,000 VND / kg (in the service area access.)

Need to stabilize market
Previous rate spread and evolution of complex diseases, said Hoang Van Nam, Director of Animal Health authorities (the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) said the blue ear virus in pigs and no humans such as avian influenza should consumers choose to complete peace of mind when buying and using fresh meat. Simply cooked, do not eat more soup, spring rolls Hello, ... The Department has instructed localities to continue performing the same set of measures to prevent and put out the service at the same time, a policy supported by the breeding ground for common ...

According to experts of the Department of Preventive Medicine and Environment (Ministry of Health), consumers turn away from meat as a precaution for the health. Because in fact, blue ear pig disease does not infect humans but only swine streptococcus disease spread to new people. But when has a green ear disease of pigs resistant and very weak, more likely to be infected with other diseases are very high, including streptococcus disease (a disease transmitted from pigs to humans with high mortality risk.)

To ensure the health of consumers and stabilize markets, the authorities have strengthened inspection and control of the transport, slaughtering and trading of pork. Force veterinary import pigs only allow the source, selling pork is full of paper quarantine

Things to do now is put alongside the services needed to promote the propagation of blue ear to people not too confused, anxious and have mechanisms to support farmers to restore herds after translation.

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