Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vietnam: Ben proposal announced cholera

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It is known, PM 26 / 5, Ben Tre Province Health Department report, has recorded 12 cholera patients and nearly 50 other patients with acute diarrhea.

Ben proposal announced cholera

According to the General Hospital of Cu Lao Minh City, Mo Cay district Nam (Ben Tre), to this afternoon, 3.6, there were 209 patients hospitalized with diarrhea treatment. Of these, the central province of Preventive Medicine, said 19 patients have tested positive for cholera bacteria, in other cases are suspicious signs.

Notably, to date, the cause of outbreaks and major factors causing the spread has not been determined.

Hospital: Overload

Calculated from the first patient in Tan Phu Tay commune, Mo Cay District North, to 31.5 cases there were 15 patients in two districts of North and Mo Mo Cay South Cay is determined to be positive for cholera bacteria. Besides, 39 cases of diarrhea are signs of suspected cholera were treated in hospital Cu Lao Minh, Nam Mo Cay.

Dr. Le Quang Trung, deputy director general hospital Cu Lao Minh area concerned: the rate of spread alarmingly, each hospital must receive on average 10 cases of diarrhea. Meanwhile, hospitals Cu Lao Minh area only 350 beds. In particular, science has only 45 beds spread.

This fact shows that overload has exceeded 4 times the capacity of treatment. If severe cases receiving hemodialysis will be the hospital anything about it. Therefore, according to China, for quarantine treatment of diarrhea, the Cu Lao Minh hospital must transfer patients with diarrhea not related to treatment in other departments. Despite many cases still have to monitor treatment in transmission corridor science.

Nearly three-week outbreak, Ben still can not find the cause, although the central provinces of Preventive Medicine, Institute Pasteur, public health and hygiene city. HCM was there to review the disease situation, water sampling, sample analysis to determine the transmission route and measures to prevent coordination.

Under these circumstances, the provincial Health Department has sent a written request of the provincial Health announced cholera in two northern districts of Mo Cay and South Cay mine.

According to hospital doctors Sanitation City public health. City, brackish water delivery season and weather conditions are good for cholera spread quickly. Therefore, the cholera outbreak extended as unavoidable risk.

Embarrassing deal

In such circumstances, the health sector only propagating epidemic prevention measures are key. Thereby, the agencies noted on the rivers of water that people are using for the purpose of life can cause an outbreak and community mobilization cooked, take nine.

Currently, Ben Tre focus for most activities of treatment - anti-epidemic. However, according to Dr Le Quang Trung, if approved funding for anti-epidemic hospital can completely free treatment to patients. Also present, only patients with free drugs is supported from Preventive Medicine. Thus, patients describe only free treatment when the disease was officially announced.

According to experts, cholera is not too critical if they are hospitalized from the start of treatment. But, as overload stress when the patient has recovered but has no negative results have also continued inpatient wait for the results.

Biggest concern now is not to stop cholera in the northern Mo Cay district, Nam Mo Cay, Cho Lach that there were three patients in Thanh Phu district, five patients Vung Liem District and Long Lake (Vinh Long) and a patient in Tri Ton district (An Giang) ...

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