Monday, May 31, 2010

Vietnam: Watch The Open Wound around infected Pigs

[A few excerpts from an article I thought were interesting]

Typically on 5/25/2010, 2 hospital cases are receiving direct or indirect contact with pigs.

The first case is a female patient, 55 years old, Duc Thang commune, Tien Lu District, Hung Yen province hospital in a state of shock, severe infections, dark purple body, the notes appear from the top of the head necrosis to heel, lowering blood pressure.
Patient's family, said the family's pig breeding ill two days ago, the first three days, a sick family member.

Case 2 was a male patient in Ung Hoa District, Ha Noi City, was hospitalized in a state of high fever, struggle, diarrhea, mood instability and signs of meningitis result of pus ... Epidemiological investigations showed that patients eat more soup or pork and eat well before admission blood pudding.

Ha also recommended doctors, people should pay attention, when sick pigs should declare and determine the origin and destruction. Those who destroy pigs should wear gloves, masks. Those who live pig slaughter, when the wound absolutely should not do. For housewives, the purchase of pork meat purchased fresh note, when processing must be done wearing gloves and wash hands clean. Especially should and should not eat cooked pig blood pudding.

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