Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vietnam: Alarms patients Streptococcus infection

From April to now, in the central region has 28 suspected cases of Streptococcus from pigs, in which four cases were fatal. In particular, some localities have not happened even blue ear pig disease, but still have the infection.

Doctor (BS) Duong Van Sinh, head of the Emergency Resuscitation, Hospital (Hospital) Hue Central, said the hospital last year received only from 1-2 patients infected with Streptococcus pig (LCKH) each months, but back here in two months, the number of hospitalized cases infected LCKH skyrocketed.

2 months, 28 patients

In April - 5 / 2010, this hospital has received treatment for 28 cases and in the central region are infected LCKH. The latest case is a patient N. in Quang Ngai province, was hospitalized on the afternoon of 21 / 5 and 22.5 deaths dawn. Thua Thien - Hue also two deaths, that is the case Le Huu pp., 55, resident of Phu Luong and Nguyen Thanh D., 27, resident Thuan An town, Phu Vang district together.

According to BS Biology, LCKH patients diagnosed through blood and cultured based on epidemiological factors, clinical symptoms. Usually patients infected after transplantation of blood LCKH are matched pig streptococcus bacteria in the skin. But there are patients who do not appear because the pig streptococcus bacteria had previously been treated early and proper antibiotic dosage. However, based on factors such as prior disease arises, the patient eat pork products, the clinical symptoms in human patients, the doctor will have appropriate treatment.

Sick after 3-4 hours of exposure to pathogens

According to BS Biology, just 3-4 hours after exposure to pathogens, patients get sick with symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea, loose bowel movement, the fatigue. Especially, patients need not go out that the service distribution, organ failure, clotting disorders, respiratory failure, meningitis and fatal discharge. Therefore, patients should be incorporated into the medical facility as soon as possible and treated promptly.

The doctor said there LCKH in all organs, especially in the respiratory system of blue ear pig disease. In Vietnam, killed by stick pig blood, as all are products from infected pigs. When people eat these products, the risk is very high. In cases in which receiving Hue Central Hospital, patients only have to eat three pieces of boiled pork is available in markets. Particularly with people just eat more beef and noodle soup LCKH goats also infected. The reason being is put into the crucible of pork, and goat blood pudding blood pudding mixed with infected pigs.

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