Saturday, August 14, 2010

Egypt vaccine for bird flu

For its part, said Dr. Mona Mehrez President Animal Health Research Institute Agricultural Research Center, experts and scientists of the Institute have succeeded recently in access to effective vaccine to combat avian influenza, and may be reached for composition, after collecting samples from all over the country and its provinces, and then be selected isolates according to plan of fact, developed in collaboration with the Board and National Laboratory for control of poultry production to collect this isolates from all types of birds all over Egypt, villages and farms and are then genetic analysis of these isolates, the place where the process of selecting isolated which are more prevalent or mutation to make the vaccine effective.

It adds that are now being put up its production locally in an international tender decided by the Council of Ministers through the Ministry of Finance about 40 million pounds for the production of almost a billion doses of vaccine at the beginning of the first production line of global and domestic vaccine production in Egypt, instead of importing it views several.

The Mona Mehrez to it - for the first time in Egypt's history - Agreement on the production of vaccine and one and only chosen according to the consensus views of all representatives, scholars and experts of the veterinary research and laboratory in Egypt instead of producing 22 vaccines locally process was used result in significant losses in both wealth of domestic commercial or rural areas, and this is all in order to uphold the best interests of Egypt and unite the efforts of scientists are agreed that they not be using this vaccine only through the General Authority for Veterinary Services in collaboration with the laboratory of reference for the production of poultry and through the availability of the procedures of reference and a test challenge by Laboratory Reference to the Central Organization for Control of veterinary products.

It adds Mehrez that it is being tested is actually under the technical supervision of the plant, and all of this was through the unanimous approval of scholars Egyptian universities, the National Center for Research and the General Authority for Veterinary Services, the labs and all the Veterinary Laboratories until he was selected for vaccine Animal Health Research Institute Dokki.

And Dr Garhi to form committees with the problem of immediate authority's experts, scientists, Animal Health Research Institute to take samples of the population or the house of the situation affected either by winning on swabs of the trachea of infected birds or in nearby houses are then culling infected show any symptoms are then Alttehr full, complete and good for the place.

Adds Dr. Mona Mehrez, after the results of the analysis in our labs from survey samples that were at the site of injury, which is accompanied by access to adequate information on sources of breeding birds and history of genetic and, if proven positive situation for the sample in the lab is a program of finding active within a radius of half a kilo meters for early detection of any other injury early in the vicinity of the site of injury positive.

Mehrez and stresses that it is currently implementing the program in all parts of Egypt as well as to support the Ministry of Communications and a map of the farm sites and all aspects of the production process, a series of birds in preparation for the development of the first map and epidemic in Egypt.

Mehrez and draws attention to it so far - in cooperation with the Ministry in the provinces of October, Giza - 93 data raise the farm, and 81 Mdzra, and markets, and Mfarraka, and 60 veterinary units, and centers of poultry, and will continue to raise This map data in all governorates of the republic to be under the hands of decision makers as a database full and comprehensive help in any decision to face and deal with any disease or sudden mutations of viruses that cause diseases in record time.

And according to head of the General Authority for Veterinary Services that since 1997 there are no symptoms of hoof cracked between farm animals in Egypt, adding that it is one of the usual endemic diseases that are dealing with the symptoms and control through the availability of immunity against the disease in all strains our animals in Egypt.

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