Monday, August 9, 2010

Indonesia: Dumai Hospital reaches 57 people with Fever-

Monday, August 09, 2010

Fever Heat victims continues to grow

Until now, the number of victims of the fever heat at SMPN1 some time ago that must be referred to hospitals Dumai has reached 57 people. Entirely a victim after a hot fever symptoms in school some time ago.

Of that amount this time have largely returned to their homes. Previously 25 patients to be treated in isolation rooms A1 and H1N1 in IRNA D Hospital Dumai. Is a day, came back 37 people, making the total to 54 patients to be treated in isolation rooms.

Sunday (2 / 8), Dumai Hospital Director Dr. Desio Isanov Dumai City MARS Online quoted as explaining, from the number of patients who went on Saturday (eighth), until Sunday, the number has a lot of the home. On Sunday, there were only two people left to patients treated in isolation of H1N1 IRNA D space.

''Today (yesterday), the number of fever patients live only 18 people. Who signed on today (yesterday), only two people. Thus far the total number of patients with sudden fever in SMP 1 Dumai who were treated in hospital isolation room IRNA D Dumai City 57 people, and 39 patients who had gone home,''he said.

Desio still can not conclude cause sudden fever that caused dozens of junior high school students forced to return home due to an illness complaint. Such complaints can be dealt with according to already provide treatment as appropriate according to the SOP suspect swine flu or bird flu.

''Why do we put in isolation rooms. This is in accordance with the complaints from the patients themselves. Care we give is also in accordance with the complaint. Alhamdullilah until now most of the patients home safely. From the number of patients who entered the isolation room, there are only two samples that we take the swap, and blood for examination in Jakarta. Two men had been representing all suspect,''he said.

Previously from Dumai City Disnakkanla already menyatakah that the results of rapid test dead birds found in the yard SMPN1 is negative. This means that dead birds found at page 1 rather than the cause of dozens of junior high school students fever simultaneously.

Not satisfied''with the rapid test, and to further convince the community, we also have to send samples of tracheal swaps and cloaca of birds to the Central Veterinary Disease Investigation (Animal Health) in Bukittinggi. This was done so that all public disquiet over this will be answered after the sample had no results,''said Surya .*** Irianto

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