Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#Egypt: Confirmed Human Case #H5N1

[Western Province is Gharbia]

"Health" announces the discovery of new human case of bird flu

Wednesday, January 26, 2011 - 19:01
Dr Abdel Rahman Shahin - Spokesman for the Ministry of Health - that today has been the discovery of new human case of bird flu for a child at the age of 7 years and a half of the province of Western, is this case is the case number (122) since the onset of the disease in Egypt In March 2006, and this case is the fourth case this year of 2011.

وأشار شاهين إلى أن الطفل قد دخل إحدى مستشفيات محافظة الغربية وهو يعانى من حمى – التهاب بالحلق – سعال – رشح – آلام بالعضلات، والمفاصل، وذلك عقب تعرضه لطيور منزلية (دجاج) يشتبه فى إصابتها بمرض أنفلونزا الطيور . Shaheen noted that the child has entered a hospital in the western province, which is suffering from a fever - sore throat - Cough - Nominated - Pain in the muscles, joints, and that after being exposed to domestic birds (chicken) suspected of being infected with bird flu.

هذا وقد أخذ الطفل عقار التاميفلو فور الاشتباه وحالته الصحية الآن مستقرة . This may take the child immediately after suspected drug Tamiflu and his health condition is now stable.

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