Tuesday, January 25, 2011

#Japan: Shimane Prefecture - Confirmed #H5N1 Poultry


Bird flu from migratory birds virulent Shimane-MOE

Ministry of the Environment on June 25, dead from a tufted duck migratory birds were collected in the city designated as a national game reserve Shinji, Matsue, announced that the highly virulent H5N1 virus found a new type of highly pathogenic avian influenza.


The ministry is the highest alert level within 10 km radius of the epicenter, "3" raised, including cooperation with Shimane Prefecture, to strengthen the surveillance on wild birds in the area.


On the other hand, Hyogo Prefecture, said the dead birds found in the pond Grebe Ke Rui Itami City, announced that it has detected the H5 avian influenza virus subtypes. 強毒性かどうか引き続き検査するとしている。 Trying to continue to examine whether virulent. (

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