Sunday, January 23, 2011

Japan: 5 Birds Test Positive Rapid Test in Shintomicho, Miyazaki

5 birds positive rapid test in the second case Shintomicho Miyazaki suspected bird flu

The issue of bird flu occurred in poultry farms in Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture, on April 23 announced a suspected infected chicken farm in the prefecture Shintomicho egg collection of the new.


Review the rapid test positive in five birds, a detailed genetic testing in a hurry.


If the second case the prefecture of highly pathogenic viruses were detected.


County has killed 66,000 birds for the egg retrieval, transfer and set the chicken in a restricted zone 10 km radius.


According to the prefecture, northeast of the town site is about the first case in Miyazaki Sadowara 8.5 km.


12 building apartment complex in the form of a set of eight farms, to raise a total of 46 million birds.


To prevent the spread of infection, the county and the country is considering the culling of 46 million birds on farms all.


County by the occurrence of the first case, we investigated 37 farms around the area 10 km to 23 days.


Was also a site inspection on 22 farms in the first two cases, and a simple visual examination found no abnormalities.


23 am, found that 20 dead birds at the center of the poultry house, five birds were found positive for a simple test 羽中 6 Miyazaki livestock hygiene service center.


County, Institute of Animal Health (Tsukuba, Japan) also sent a sample, a rush of whether virulent virus type.


County on August 23 a meeting of quarantine measures, strengthening collaboration with national and local governments 嗣知 Kawano Takashi things ordered and reputation damage control.


Michihiko Kano Agriculture Minister said, "We work closely with the County to take," and then sent the day before the magistrate in Miyazaki Agricultural Matsuki Ken 公. 松木政務官は同日夜、県庁で河野知事と意見交換した。

The parliamentary secretary Matsuki evening, exchanged views with Kono on prefectural governor. 農水省の疫学調査チームは1例目に加え、急きょ2例目も調査した。

Epidemiology of ministry teams in addition to the first case, the second such short notice was also investigated.

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