Thursday, January 27, 2011

Egypt: Gharbia Hospitalized: 1 Conf. H5N1 and 15 Suspected H1N1. Damanhur: 5 Suspected H5N1 Admitted

The Directorate of Health meeting Sunday attended yesterday the injury of 5 new cases of swine flu, and one case of bird flu, a person named «Youssef Nasr» and held Bmschwiy Mahalla and Tanta fevers after the analysis has confirmed the central laboratory from the injury.

Also detained, hospital admitted Tanta and Mahala and Mahala was 10 cases suspected of being infected with swine flu after the onset of symptoms.

In a related development, the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine, revealed the existence of Gharbia bifocal are positive with bird flu and the city of Kotor on the spot were culled domestic birds and conducting clearing operations.

In Minya, Dr. Adel Abu-Zeid, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, the number of positive cases were infected with swine flu governorate since the beginning of winter were 55 cases including 6 deaths have been recovered rest of the cases. He pointed out that among the positive cases were 4 students and 2 university did not show any cases of bird flu since the winter of last year until now.

In the lake, was detained in a hospital admitted Damanhur 5 cases of suspected bird flu, they are: «Mona Abu Ouf and Halima Mr. Qasim Jawad, charitable, and Fawzi Mohammed Hussein, Nada Salem Elgharabawy Giumaa Saeed».

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