Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Egypt: The discovery of the center's «avian flu» in the «Damietta»


Announced that the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine in Damietta, the emergence of a new focus of bird flu in the city of Kafr melon.

The appearance of Noman, Director of Environment, the government, the campaign of Veterinary Medicine sent a sample to the birds of a house adjacent to the unity of Veterinary city of Kafr melon on the 25th of this month to the National Laboratory of Veterinary and poultry, and showed analysis that the samples are positive.

He noted that the campaign of Veterinary Medicine, health, environment and water bodies, has, on Wednesday, the execution of 15 of the birds, the house where the focus, clearing nearby houses, and took samples of the population of the property, and sent to labs central Ministry of Health to make sure her or not, with the development of the entire region under observation for 21 days.

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