Saturday, January 21, 2012

CA Nidom-Two possibilities for 5yr old negative results #H5N1 #BIRDFLU

Two helpless Because Adra from Bird Flu
  TEMPO.CO, Jakarta: Chairman of the Research Center for University Press of Bird Flu (Avian Influenza-zoonosis Reseach Center), CA Nidom proposed two assumptions cause no tertolongnya Adra Soraya Ramadani, 5 years, patients infected with bird flu.  According to him, there are two possibilities for changing the status of bird flu Soraya negative to positive until the toddler's death last January 16. 
  First, there is sampling error.
  Since the time of fever Soraya adjacent to the infected the uncle, Puguh Dwi Yanto who died first.  He was probably affected by exposure to the virus along with the 23-year man.  "That should be when the sample is taken, the virus is there," said Nidom, when contacted, Saturday, January 21, 2012.

  So, should the results of the PCR test was positive infants.  If the result is negative, meaning, "There are errors in the decision. Pickup baseball right, "said Nidom. He explained that this related to the sampling technique.  In addition to blood samples, saliva or mucus sampling of bird flu patients also need to be done through the nasopharynx or the part between the nose and throat.

  Is a tool shaped like a long cotton swab is inserted into the nose to the tip used to take these samples.  Or it could be through the mouth, inserted until it touches the antil-antil.  "If extraction is correct, it could be," he explained.

  The second assumption Nidom, Soraya virus has entered the body through the lungs so it is not detected during sampling. "It could be that the virus has developed organ damage, had gone into the lungs," he explained. Travel the virus, said Nidom, originated from the nose, throat, into the lungs, then up into the nose again.

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