Friday, February 17, 2012

Nepal-Ministry warns of bird flu transfer to humans #H5N1 #BIRDFLU

  2012-02-17 2:15 PM

The Ministry said that chickens should be culled by wearing 'personal protection equipment' dress used to cull fowls including chickens.
Secretary at the Ministry, Nathuram Chaudhary said that police had culled chickens at Arjundhara, Charpane and Pathamari in Jhapa district to control the bird flu without wearing the dress.
He further said it is urgent to wear the cloth while culling fowls and not to be negligent as it would transfer to human beings.

Bird flu has been seen at Manahara of Bhaktapur, Phakphok of Ilam, Phaktep of Panchthar, Khanar of Sunsari, Ward No. 31 of Kathmandu, Charpane, Arjundhara and Pathamari of Jhapa district this year.

It was proved that crows that died at City Hall of Kathmandu on January 19 had died from bird flu, but the government had not declared it as bird flu hit area.
The government had culled fowls in Sunsari, Ilam, Jhapa and Panchthar districts as per the Bird Flu Disease Control Orders-2008 as well as Manahara area of Bhaktapur district by declaring the area as risk area, according to the Ministry.

The Ministry added that it has been doing regular surveillance by identifying bird flu risk areas, and has been sending samples to lab if fowls are found dying unnaturally, and has mobilized teams.
Post operative surveillance has also been operated after the control of the bird flu and Livestock Quarantine Offices have been alerted.

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