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Vietnam: Clade 2.3.2 has two tributaries: A and B

(TNO) Morning 18.2, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) Cao Duc Phat chaired an emergency meeting to discuss and implement measures to deal with bird flu.

11 provinces have translated

Mr. Hoang Van Nam - Veterinary Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development - said that from early 2012 until now, bird flu has hit 11 provinces and cities.

Specifically, the outbreak has occurred in 28 communes of 21 districts of the provinces of Hai Phong, Hai Duong, Thai Nguyen, Ha Nam, Bac Giang, Quang Tri, Thanh Hoa and Soc Trang and Kien Giang, Ha Tinh Quang Nam. A total of 34,366 birds infected, death and destruction.

According to year, emitting sporadic and epidemic spread, most provinces have only one or two farms and the epidemic outbreaks have been detected early local, short handle.

"The disease still has a tendency to increase but the recurrence rate has leveled off. However, the risk of an outbreak on a large scale is very high, "he noted year.

The risk of an outbreak is very high because no suitable vaccine - Photo: Ngoc Thang

The reason, according to the head of the Animal Health Department, Influenza A H5N1 virus was "circulating" the environment broadly, including in poultry healthy. Currently, cold weather, high humidity, sometimes up to 90%, are creating conditions for development and spread of the virus.

Meanwhile, slaughter and transport of poultry increased, many birds have all raised new immunological or, in the northern provinces of the virus has changed but there is no suitable vaccine should offer a complete relapse can occur in any locality.

Vaccine Problem

From early 2012 there have been two cases of influenza A H5N1 and both died.

In particular, a person in Kien Giang and Soc Trang in a person.

Overall, from 2003 to now, the nation has had 121 cases of influenza A H5N1 infection, including 61 deaths.

According to year, epidemiological surveillance showed that from late 2003, H5N1 virus has many variables.

In addition to influenza virus H5N1 clade 1 strains of traditional, new strains have emerged that clade 2.3.2 in northern, central coastal and central highlands.

Among them, clade 2.3.2 has changed and developed into two tributaries are major differences in antigen.

A tributary called 2.3.2-A widely circulated in almost every province. 2nd tributary called 2.3.3-B was only detected in 8 provinces and cities.

The situation became serious, experimental results show that assessment of vaccines, the vaccine has long been used quite effectively as Re -1 although H5N1 vaccines remain effective against the virus is circulating branch in the southern provinces but to branch 2.3.2-A, effective protection is not high, only 80%, and for branch B is sometimes effective only at 0%.

Thus, in 2011, according to year, MARD has asked the government to consider approving the suspension of Re -1 H5N1 vaccine on a large scale vaccination program under the state's poultry in the northern provinces.

After the suspension of vaccination, from early 2012 to now, epidemic recurrence in many provinces. From this fact, many localities and professionals that need to review the vaccination strategy.

At the meeting, Minister Cao Duc Phat note, localities and departments concerned should urgently implement preventive measures. In particular, special attention to the branches identified above viruses are circulating where to find appropriate countermeasures.

However, authorities have not developed specific epidemiological map should also make it difficult for the prevention service.

Minister Phat said that in the present conditions when the epidemic is showing signs of recurrence and spread, we still have to apply the anti-epidemic measures in a synchronous manner, with the support of the vaccine.

Accordingly, in the southern provinces, effective protection of the vaccine is still high, we continue to implement proper vaccination techniques and high percentages.

In the northern provinces, if the area is circulating viruses branch 2.3.2-A shall also apply to zoning vaccination services and prevent outbreaks recur.

In the outstanding local branch 2.3.2-B virus vaccines do not have appropriate supervision must be organized early detection services and enclosure, stamping out promptly, thoroughly and apply comprehensive measures other epidemic.

Minister Cao Duc Phat also noted, prohibits local "hidden epidemic" and authorities should strictly handle violations.

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