Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Egypt: Menofia, Snsaft Village Thousand People Sick

8/21/12 Injured more than a thousand people in the village of Snsaft Menof Menofia status of poisoning due to contaminated drinking water. Were transferred to a hospital in dozens of cases Menouf year, where she underwent the necessary first aid, after the onset of symptoms similar to patients all, a sharp rise in temperatures and Mgd vomiting and diarrhea. The hospital received Menouf year, about 50 cases, while other cases were transferred to the Fever Hospital Menouf, and treatment of other cases by the health unit and the number of doctors in the village.

Said Dr. Mohsen Abdel Razek, deputy director of the hospital Menouf year:'' The initial reports and analysis of water samples that have been withdrawn from the stations of water in the village, the first subsidiary of the government water, and the second station eligibility, demonstrated the presence of contamination in the water station II resulted in these injuries' '.

The some people living with assaulting the owner of the water plant, while others have cut agricultural road heading from the village to Cairo, and set fire to tires claiming a voice to the officials, and drew attention to the need for attention to the problem of water, and to accelerate the completion of the water plant new subsidiary company Water being worked out now.

There were verbal altercations between some of the villagers, and the President of the City Council Menouf, who moved to the village in the early hours of this morning, to follow up the situation on the ground, and held him until he brought large quantities of drugs to treat the injured after running out of medicines from the health unit, and private pharmacies in the village. And the expulsion of the people injured deputy parliament dissolved for Freedom and Justice party, Ibrahim pilgrims, who came to the headquarters of the health unit, refusing any help from him, and accused him of being working to bring votes in preparation for the upcoming elections. And moved to the village security force to control the situation after the escalation of the protests, the police cars and ambulances to transfer some of the injured to hospitals because of the bad cases.

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