Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Egypt: Menoufia Village Sickness Began Yesterday, Diagnosis remains unknown


Abdel Rahman Abu determined eyewitness village Snsaft of Menof, that the injuries on the rise and respond to treatment and there is still flocked to the health unit in the village were taken dwellings nearby and volunteered some doctors to help in the treatment of cases that do not go beyond the injury woes intestinal, as the symptoms vomiting and high temperatures.
He said he started suspecting of yesterday morning and were individual cases thought by some to be something unusual after coming out of the month of Ramadan has begun preparations to increase yesterday morning - Monday - The common intestinal, and pointed out that the reason remains unknown so far, and denied that the cause of injury is drinking water as the desalination plant has existed for a long time as it's a charity of the people of the village and not to profit or business.
Masrawy learned from medical sources inside the village health unit had been transferred some cases admitted to hospital Menouf that about 40% of those with children, including babies, and doctors attributed the cause of injuries may be contaminated and not poisoning

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