Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Vietnam: H5N1 in Thai Nguyen

Appear avian influenza outbreak in Võ Nhai 22/08/2012 19/8, poultry family Mr. Hiệp, neighbors An Long, xã Bình Long (Võ Nhai) of more than 460 chickens 2.5 months old, 6 ducks phenomenon sick, die, expression of diseases like bird flu. Soon after, the family has notified the Veterinary staff to get the sample. Test results showed his family's poultry were positive for H5N1. Veterinary forces to coordinate with local authorities carried out the destruction of poultry in accordance with regulations; sanitary cleaning the whole house, collecting of burying waste burning; using 2.000kg lime, 40 liters HanIodin, 5kg Chirox disinfectants, disinfecting the entire house, the livestock sector of the Ye family and farms in the neighborhood. According to the Department of Animal Health, the epidemic was caused by his flocks Agreement pasture in the form of sales, breeding many types of birds in cages, poultry on from the place of unknown origin , flocks have been vaccinated against influenza. Therefore, to ensure safety as well as reduce the risk of disease spread, the Department has not performed a commitment not consume the sick poultry, died for the collection, transport, trade, slaughter poultry; g iam closely monitoring the epidemic in the region; notice situation, mobilize people to actively participate in measures for prevention, committed to "5" ...

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