Monday, August 20, 2012

Vietnam: Bac Kan Outbreak Continues #H5N1

Although many local implementing border measures epidemic, but avian influenza type A (H5N1) in Cho Don continued complicated and widespread outbreak. Currently the town Bang Lung translation published on 15/8, there are two additional social mobilization and Yen Thuong positive (+) with H5N1.

In the town of Bang Lung, besides outbreak in the 4th and the 6th, on 16/8 has discovered an outbreak at her home Triệu Thị Vàng  3.On the morning of 20/8 outbreak again detected in two families Hoàng Thị Hay và ông Lục Thành Đồng tổ 2A.

Also in Yen Thuong, after destroying the whole village poultry in Contact with results positive for avian influenza A (H5N1) on 10/8, the date 17/8 commune outbreak in his family to quantify, village tame. Soon after Cho Don District Veterinary Station has organized destruction services in areas zoned tame.

In social mobilization, after detection of dead chickens at Bản Mới và Làng Sen, commune leaders were quick to report on the District Veterinary Station. On 16/8 Veterinary Station take samples for testing, on 19/8 with a positive (+) with H5N1. On the morning of 20/8 in Na Chang, Dong Vien further discovered an outbreak again.

Before the evolution of complex avian influenza type A (H5N1), Cho Don District People's Committee has implemented drastic and synchronous measures to prevent and combat service, mobilize all resources, zoning, stamping services. However, due to the flow of vehicles passing through the area multiple forces involved stamping the thin, so the service is having control difficulties.

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