Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Enhanced anti-seepage poultry breeds in Vietnam Strain differences were

Army Online - The country has five local happening AI Hai Phong, Ha Tinh and Quang Binh, Ninh Binh, Nam Dinh is the information the Department of Animal Health (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development-MARD ) presented at the meetings of the National Steering Prevention avian afternoon 21-8. In the past week, Nam Dinh and Ninh Binh findings translate to total poultry to be destroyed in about 8430 the two provinces. Department of Animal Health said, the next time bird flu has the ability to recur at some Northern and North Central in August. The outbreak appeared in many localities, but service is basically recurring in scattered household local was detected early and treated promptly. Department of Animal Health has issued one million doses of vaccine to the local injection enclosure outbreak. The concern most have discovered a group of viruses of H5N1 despite branch (group A) but differ from strain caused branching on poultry diseases in 2011. Status discarded chicken smuggled from China Vietnam fell time after the power steering of the Prime Minister and to the radical of the authorities. However, the state bird seed continued seepage in Vietnam Nam potential risk of spread of avian influenza.
In the future, the animal and the body of MARD continued monitoring of circulating strains of the virus to promptly determine pandemic vaccines match.  Regarding blue ear disease, both countries there are three local outbreaks: Nghe An, Dak Lak, Cao Bang. The basic local service to control, particularly in Dak Lak, the outbreak has spread to 14 out of 15 districts, to 11 137 infected pigs, the 4859 destruction.MARD has issued 70 000 doses of vaccine against PRRS for three local epidemic (40 000 doses of Nghe An, Dak Lak 20,000 doses, Cao Bang 10 000 doses). The risk of the epidemic continues to spread in the region of North Central, Central Highlands , Vietnam Ministry is very high. Speaking at the meeting, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Diep Kinh Tan said: In September, the Ministry and the local trying to extinguish the blue ear disease, and continue to implement drastic measures, synchronized to prevent bird flu outbreak widely, including treatment measures to eliminate seepage in status birds breed in Vietnam.


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