Thursday, January 10, 2013

Healing 4 people in Gaza from bird flu

The Ministry of Health in Gaza Monday evening healing four cases including two women were infected with bird flu after receiving care hospitals sector said general manager primary care at the Ministry of Health Fouad Issawi said that his ministry has routinely sampling Laboratory randomized patients expected to have complications from the flu. 
pointed out that out of the total samples taken from the patients were discovered analyze positive for four cases of them two women, were treated at the hospital. 
confirmed Issawi that there have been no deaths related to the virus in the Gaza Strip, referring to the that hospitals and health centers on the readiness fully to deal with any infection. 
said Issawi The National Commission for the control of infectious diseases at the Ministry of Health is studying infectious diseases and control any rise abruptly in proportions and put prevention strategies and activities to combat these diseases. 
explained Issawi that there is a system monitor continuously All infectious diseases and report weekly by the Ministry of Health representative primary care and Relief Agency, based on indicators such monitoring is measured any problems emergency or spread any contagious disease. 
rose mortality resulting from this virus in the occupied West Bank to 12 cases, while the number of injuries installed to 352 so far. 

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