Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Indonesia: Dir. Animal Borne Disease Control: "Farmers Wear Mask & Gloves When Cleaning Cages" #H5N1 Clade 2.3.2

KBRN, Jakarta: Indonesia's government insists no cases of the H5N1 virus commonly known as bird flu, which attacks humans. The assertion was followed by social unrest caused mass deaths of ducks suspected of bird flu in several regions in Indonesia.
Director of Animal Borne Disease Control, Ministry of Health, Rita Kusriastuti, in dialogue with Pro 3 RRI time explaining Bird flu is a new strain that has variant code 2.3.2, while bird flu occurred in 2003 with a code variance 2.1.
Suspected virus originated in China, but until now, both in Indonesia and in other countries there are no reports of humans exposed to avian flu. Although there was, there were only 1 or 2 and it was not in Indonesia.
"Not to attack humans. No humans were infected with bird flu-like symptoms at the moment, "said Rita Kusriastuti, Tuesday (01/08/2013).
Recognized the impact of bird flu, as poultry farmers have lost Itiknya died suddenly. Despite not infect humans, he urged the public to remain vigilant and keep clean.
For farmers, it is suggested to wear a mask and gloves when cleaning cages and then wash your hands with soap and water immediately change clothes.
As for the others, especially housewives who used to shop at the market, immediately wash your hands thoroughly after holding a chicken or a duck. If found people with a high fever, chills and shortness of breath after holding a duck or dead duck found in large quantities in the environment around, it must be immediately brought to the clinic as soon as possible.
"We will be given the drug and sampled," says Rita.

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