Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Indonesia: Poultry Confirmed Postive #H5N1 in Tanjungpriok, Jakarta North

As an effort to prevent bird flu virus or avian influenza (A1) H5N1, the ranks of West Jakarta Livestock and Fishery Sub-Department plan to raid poultry owners in Kalideres and Cengkareng sub-districts. This is conducted because many people in both regions are nurturing poultry, such as chickens, ducks, and wild ducks. Moreover, the virus had been found in North Jakarta.
As previously reported, nine chickens owned by Hasanudin Darwis atau Ato (35), a resident of Jalan Swasembada Barat VX No 61 RT 004/14 Kelurahan Kebonbawang, Kecamatan Tanjungpriok, Jakarta Utara were suddenly dead due to positif flu burung. Until Monday (1/7), 47 chickens and 50 birds in Kebonbawang Urban Village had been burned in order to prevent the spread of bird flu virus. 

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