Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Indonesia: Tamiflu Only Effective In First 24 Hours of Symptoms

January 9, 2013
Tamiflu Effective for Symptoms of ILI Only Day One Denpasar (Bali Post) - Drugs for bird flu patients at this time is tamiflu. However, this drug was only effective in patients who suffer from symptoms of bird flu ILI (Influenza Like Illness) 1 x 24 hours. If you exceed this time, the spread of the bird flu virus and aggressiveness can not be prevented even been given tamiflu.

It is presented Secretary Bird Flu Handling Sanglah dr. Ken Wiransadhi when met on Tuesday (8/1) yesterday. According to him, the public should be alert if he or nearby suffering from ILI after contact with dead poultry in her neighborhood. '' If you experience symptoms such as hot ILI, fever, cough and tightness after any contact or history of poultry died suddenly in his neighborhood, immediately take it to a government clinic or hospital as soon as possible,'' firmly Ken.

Bringing patients ILI symptoms to health centers and government hospitals, with meaning to be given Tamiflu as soon as possible. Whereas, the availability of tamiflu only on government health services. '' If it is brought to a private hospital or a private practice, certainly not available tamiflu. If taken there, the patient will only be given drugs to treat simtomp or symptoms appear. If it were so, would become treatments for patients too late,'' explained Ken. treatment with Tamiflu does have limitations. But if given before 24 hours after ILI symptoms appear, according to Ken, giving tamiflu to patients very effectively.

To alert against bird flu cases, said Ken, Sanglah has provided at least 1,700 Tamiflu tablets and personal protective equipment to prepare for the patient. '' APD we at least be able to cover 23 patients with bird flu hospitalizations average two days,'' said Ken. place incoming patients at Sanglah such as IRD,

Wings International and Polyclinic also increasingly enhanced vigilance, especially in capturing the patient's symptoms of ILI . According to Ken, every patient with ILI symptoms who came to Sanglah be questioned is there any history of illness and history of poultry deaths in the neighborhood. '' Especially if patients came from endemic areas where bird flu has infected poultry,'' said Ken. If a history of contact with poultry or poultry were no deaths during the span of a week before the patient's illness, said Ken, the patient will be given tamiflu and observed in Space Nusa Indah. For bird flu patient treatment rooms, Sanglah has four intensive care unit of negative pressure in Nusa Indah Hall. '' This negative pressure room air serves to absorb the infected germs and replace it with new air. Infected air is filtered by a tool called invaporator so safe before being discharged into the environment,'' explains Ken. addition to intensive care, there are four recovery room bed. (Kmb24)

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