Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Indonesia: MOH "3 Deaths of 5 Human Cases with Clade in China & Hong Kong"

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - At least 15 countries, including Indonesia, has reported to the UN agency for health affairs, WHO, the bird flu cases "clade" newly discovered in birds, but in Indonesia so far has not infect humans. "So far no No cases of bird flu (clade) in humans in Indonesia recently. latter case is still young IT (4) of the Long Parung, Bogor, died on December 6, 2012 that the virus is still a long clade 2.1," said Director General of Disease Control and Environmental Health ( P2PL) Ministry of Health Tjandra Yoga Aditama in a statement on Monday. 

All 15 countries that have reported the discovery of bird flu virus "clade" that the new Iran, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, including Hong Kong, Vietnam, Mongolia, Republic of Korea, Japan, Romania, Bulgaria, Laos, Indonesia and Russia.   

According to the WHO, in the period September 2012 in February, the virus was detected in wild birds (wild birds) in Hong Kong, India and Nepal, and on farms in Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Nepal and Vietnam. "Human cases still only exist in three cases, namely Bangladesh and China, including Hong Kong five cases. Bangladesh are all mild cases. cases in China (including Hong Kong) passed away three of their five cases," Tjandra said.  [Tiga = three -- Original Text: 
"Kasus pada manusia tetap hanya ada di Bangladesh yaitu ada tiga kasus dan China termasuk Hong Kong lima kasus. Kasus Bangladesh semuanya ringan. Kasus di China (termasuk Hongkong) meninggal tiga dari lima kasus mereka," kata Tjandra.]

Meanwhile in Indonesia, the Ministry of Health to prepare the return of bird flu, including the new clade virus transmission among others, by issuing circulars to district health office. "After Welfare Coordination Meeting on December 27, 2012, we have made ​​a second circular on December 28, the contents of which reaffirmed the first circular dated December 11, 2012 and added the results of meetings held, "said Tjandra. few things added in that circular Tjandra explained is the existence of health posts and handling activities in the port.  "Staff are also actively P2PL checks to the provinces and CTF on their readiness, and there have been a lot of feedback as advanced circular to district / city, availability of drugs and others, " said Tjandra. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health also continues to coordinate with the Ministry of Agriculture to carry out the update (up date) data on birds and activities on the ground.(A043/S023)

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