Saturday, February 23, 2013

#Coronavirus Journalism Transparency Qatar

Translation - Excerpt:

 The World Health Organization recommended searching for the possibility of a new coronavirus in patients with pulmonary infections are not clear reasons or in patients suffering from acute respiratory diseases is clear reasons with complications do not respond to treatment.
The "East" has been directed today, Saturday, queries to the concerned authorities in the Supreme Council of Health in order to elucidate the current situation in Qatar, has condoned the media authorities of the Supreme Council of Health to respond to a query "Middle" as usual, which foretells disorder fatal in the system information of the highest health where opacity used on all health issues of interest to the community, at a time that does not its Awareness protect role of community rumors.
The query "Middle" After recording two cases the disease has taught journalism Qatar logged most recently by a statement to the World Health Organization, prompting the east to the Council's demand at the time to announce the situation and due to the presence announcement by the International Organization bowed Council issued a press statement marked by hesitation and lack of professional approach .

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