Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Vietnam: Children en masse hospitalized after Tet

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02/21/2013 After the long New Year holiday, at Children's Hospital 1 and 2, the number of children en masse to medical and hospitalization strong. Every day, in 2 Children's Hospital, the number of children to see up to nearly 9000. Not only patients in Ho Chi Minh City from the neighboring provinces such as: Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Long An and Ba Ria-Vung Tau also flocked to visit. Day 19.2, at 1 Children's Hospital, the clinic full of people and wait for medical procedures.

According to the General Plan BV, the number of patients registered examination of more than 4,700 cases. Number of patients are treated at the hospital for up to 1,000 children. Also at Children's Hospital 2, the amount of patients flock BV examination and treatment is also increasing rapidly. Dr. Trinh Huu Tung, Head of Planning General Children's Hospital 2, said, in 18 and 19.2, every day, the number of patients to examination at more than 4000 times. majority of children examined and hospitalized diseases festival season such as: digestion, respiration. In addition, the number of child examination infectious diseases, ear, nose and throat also account for the relatively high number. Through disease investigation, the doctor said the cause of digestive disorders is because they eat too many sweets, jams, soft drinks during the holiday.

In addition, children with respiratory infections due to changes in the weather while traveling, visiting home, go out late at night ... and infected with the virus. Quantity patients to examination in fact much higher due to the child's family clinic, district hospital, private hospital or home treatment. Until they become severe leading to examination and treatment in hospital. expected, according to the BS, the number of patients with respiratory, digestive diseases will continue to increase as children go back to school, especially in children preschool age due to changes in lifestyle, diet.

Dr. Hoang Le Phuc, head of gastroenterology 1 Children's Hospital, said, to prevent gastrointestinal diseases during this time, the parents do not children should eat foods such as bread, jam left over after the holidays. Need cooked, boiled drinking and children should not eat food that has fans reheated several times. When children with gastrointestinal disorders, prolonged diarrhea should not use money to buy medicines for children that have to go to health facilities for inspection and the BS specific medications. "Diarrhoea is usually because the child infected with a virus or bacteria in the intestinal tract. Need for children to eat the full age-appropriate nutrition, split a meal several times, insert slowly with a spoon because children easily vomiting. Since the disease is spread through the fecal - oral so to prevent diarrhea Notes food hygiene ... "- BS Blessed recommended.

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