Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hong Kong: CHP rejects coronavirus claims

February 20, 2013
The Centre for Health Protection today clarified that no human novel coronavirus case has been identified in Hong Kong so far.

The centre issued the statement today in response to media enquiries on an alleged coronavirus case in the city.

The centre said, according to the World Health Organisation, of the 12 total confirmed global cases, three recently confirmed cases have been diagnosed in the UK.

According to the latest information from the European Centre for Disease Prevention & Control, investigation of 200 healthcare workers, family members and other contacts of cases in Europe and the Middle East, has not yet found other instances of human-to-human transmission.

No sustained transmissions or expanding clusters of infections have so far been identified in any country.

The centre said it will stay vigilant and work closely with the WHO and other overseas health authorities to monitor the situation.

It advised the public to maintain good personal and environmental hygiene and avoid direct contact with animals, birds or poultry, adding that the virus may remain in the environment for some time and can be inactivated by 1:99 household bleach.

It advised travellers returning from novel coronavirus-affected countries with respiratory symptoms to wear facial masks, seek medical attention and reveal their travel history to doctors.

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