Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saudi Arabia: 2 Children Admitted with Temp, Sore Chest, SOB, in ICU, Suspect Swine Flu


Mobilized devices Maternity Hospital and Children area Najran capacity after suspecting the emergence of two cases of swine flu to two children. 
revealed media spokesman for the health of the region improved Rubaiaan in a statement to the "home" yesterday: that the first child at the age of four years and was admitted to a hospital birth and children on 21 April first past, suffering from high temperature and cough since six days, and has a history repeating these symptoms before fifteen days from the date of his hospitalization. He added that the signing of the medical examination on the child observed high temperature with sore chest and voice humming and bang chest, in addition to breathing bronchodilator private Right Steering, but suffered shortness of breath was transferred to intensive care, where diagnosed inflammation in the bronchi and suspicion of swine flu. 
added Rubaiaan that the patient second child at the age of four months.She was admitted to hospital on 12 March with a high temperature and cough and rapid breathing, and after a medical examination it turned out to be suffering from congestion and voice humming and bang chest and phase expiratory long, and someone specialist doctors status as suspected case of swine flu.

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