Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Vietnam: People to medical surge

[Seems to be O.K.  Posted here for future reference]

Czech Hospital (Hai Phong) the number of patients to medical east doubled, tripled normal because many people try to wait out the new holiday visit.
Afternoon on 18.2, in the examination of the hospital has a large number of patients waiting to turn. BV English Czech leader said, in the day, more than 860 patients visit the hospital-east twice normal.contrast to the busy in the large hospital emergency to direct even Tet, the clinic treatment facility 2 Cau Dat Ngo Quyen district of Hospital, health stations wards Le Loi (Ngo Quyen district) at than 14h-way 18.2 is still in closed condition then install. while in the in HCM City as Cho Ray Hospital, 1 Children, 2, Trung Vuong Nguyen Tri Phuong, 115 ... People, patient to congestion as the days before Tet. 1 Children's Hospital representative said that, every year, too-except the emergency first-visit patients often disagree as many abstain to BV those days early. As leaders of the Department of Health, although long stay on but more BV Stagger disease to early prone overload, should have arranged online and work from earlier in order to treat the backlog. In Orthopedic Hospital Trauma-alone, Cho Ray Hospital, the surgical cases date from before the festival was moved to the specified surgery on the first working day of the new year. While BV "breathable" the first day, on the other hand, at the Emergency Department of Cho Ray Hospital is always in a state of overload traffic accident on the city and in the province flock. 

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