Friday, August 16, 2013

China: Huizhou #H7N9 patient's condition deteriorated close contacts discharged without medical observation

August 15, 2013
China news agency, Huizhou, August 15 (Kang Xiaojuan and Li Yuying) - Huizhou City of Guangdong Propaganda Department on the 15th to inform the media, as at 17:00 on the 15th, Huizhou City, no new human infection H7N9 avian influenza, H7N9 isolated from the patient's son in the hospital observation, indicators of normal, human infection has been ruled out avian influenza H7N9, 15, was discharged; In addition, 36 close contacts were released the day medical observation.
Having understood the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, H7N9 patients Chen generally normal function of various organs, the basic stability of the overall disease progression.
Huizhou recent days continued to increase prevention efforts. The 14th District, Huizhou Zhongkai Chen Jiang, Lilin, Tung Kiu, Tonghu (Total 5 scale poultry farms) and Hui District three bird markets (16 stalls) and the outlet of a backyard poultry farmers to carry H7N9 avian influenza monitoring of serum 300 were assayed H7 poultry throat and cloacal swabs of 320 environmental swabs 30 copies of 650 copies, the test results were negative. In addition, Huizhou City on August 13 CDC collected Hui District water north and Samsung two unearned environmental pollutants farmers market 20 samples were not detected H7 subtypes.
14 to 15, Huizhou three birds wholesale markets and farmers markets have BOLUO Yokogawa resume normal trading.
Reporters on the 15th visited the farmers market BOLUO Yokogawa has learned that the market most of the stall owners have returned to farm operators, the same day, three birds of the market compared with the previous trading stalls decrease in transactions with other stall always the same.
It is reported that affected by H7N9, August 10 to 14 Yokogawa farmer's market is closed. During the organization of the market town conducted a comprehensive disinfection and environmental remediation, demolition of illegal structures and the existence of security risks felling of trees. After renovation, Yokogawa farmers market a new look: the environment clean and tidy, venue planning and reasonable zoning operations to achieve an orderly hawking. Three birds of the market stalls are seven stalls, all local farmers from raising poultry; Yokogawa town of relevant staff have been carried out according to the procedure of animal health supervision and management and market access, and make ledger work.

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