Thursday, August 15, 2013

#H5N1 India: Bhaktapur Declared Emergency Zone - 3 Months duration

Excerpt - editing is mine
Aug. 15 (Xinhua-ANI): Amid new cases of bird flu emerging almost every day for the past one month, Nepal has declared Bhaktapur, one of the three districts of Kathmandu valley, as the emergency zone, said officials on Thursday.
A decision to this effect was taken in a meeting held betweengovernment officials and the poultry farmers on Wednesday evening, to be executed from Thursday onward, according to Narayan Ghimire, the government's spokesperson for bird flu control campaign.
Under an emergency zone situation, all fowls including chicken, duck and pigeon, will be destroyed along with their eggs, feed and excreta and the fowls' farms will be cleaned and disinfected.
The emergency zone situation remains active for at least three months. During this period, fowls cannot be transported and supplied to and from Bhaktapur and no one can keep new fowls. The sales of chicken and other fowl meat will also be banned.


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