Wednesday, August 14, 2013

#H1N1 Saudi Arabia: Citizen's death as "swine flu" in Bisha After his performance Umrah

August 13, 2013
The term citizen Hamoud al-Nashiri in Bisha last breath after his injuries swine flu which Dhmh after returning from Mecca in the last Ramadan, with no issue of Health Affairs in the province any statement about the death until yesterday.
He explained Saad al-Nashiri, "the brother of the deceased," that his brother died of swine flu infection in the second day of Eid, which is influenced by after visiting Mecca and perform Umrah, adding: "he showed after returning symptoms, and when transferred to a hospital, King Abdullah in Bisha did not find the medical care necessary. "
It made a source familiar with the health of Bisha - according to Al-Hayat newspaper - that the relevant parts of the Infectious Diseases Hospital in King Abdullah free of staff due to the enjoyment of their vacation, noting that the Department of Infection Control does not have any employee under the sure analyzes the death of the citizen Hamoud al-Nashiri with swine flu.

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