Wednesday, August 14, 2013

#Coronavirus #MERS Saudi Arabia - Kills 3 Cats in the Eastern Region

Recorded a veterinary clinic in the eastern region three deaths of cats infected with Corona in four months.
According to the newspaper "Middle," explained director of the clinic, Dr. Khalid Ambassav that cats died for their inability to resist the virus, he said, adding that the symptoms of the virus appear on the cats depending cat infected suddenly eating, coupled with the very high temperature up to forty degrees, also increasingly fluid in the cat's body injured, and bulging stomach significantly cause a lack of balance and inability to walk and cirrhosis of the liver, kidneys and destroyed, resulting in the death of a cat in a period not exceeding three days. said Ambassav that despite the attempt to control the virus by giving antibiotics and needles for cats infected However, the weakness of their bodies makes them incapable of resistance, and revealed Ambassav for lack of rays that reveal the virus in veterinary clinics in eastern except Hospital Aramco, recommending the breed cats or therapists to take all safety procedures, and to prevent direct contact with the cat so as not to infect them.

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