Monday, August 19, 2013

#H5N1 Cambodian boy dies from bird flu: WHO

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The 9 year old prevously reported on that died, was in stable condition.
From one of the articles, previously posted here at the blog:

nine-year-old boy from the Damnak Dangkor Village in the Battambang province. The boy carried dead and sick chickens and ducks from a cage for food preparation before becoming sick. He developed fever, vomiting, abdominal pain and dyspnea, and is now in stable condition after hospitalization and treatment with Tamiflu.
He passed away, and he would be the 10th fatality out of 16 reported in 2013.  The 15th case this year, is a 5 yo girl, and she is in critical condition.

August 19, 2013
A nine-year-old boy has died from bird flu in Cambodia, the 10th victim this year, the World Health Organisation said Monday, warning that the kingdom's deadliest outbreak of the virus could continue.
The boy, from the northwestern province of Battambang, died in a children's hospital in the nearby tourist hub of Siem Reap on Sunday night after falling ill last month, the WHO in Cambodia said in a statement.


"We at WHO are concerned. The H5N1 virus is still circulating in the country," Krishnan told AFP.
"One probable reason for its spread is through the unregulated, informal, movement of poultry from village-to-village by poultry transporters on motorbikes," he added.

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