Monday, August 19, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus Saudi Arabia Doctor Speaks of Extracting Antibodies of Coronavirus in Camels to Use in Human Infections

August 19, 2013
Head of the Veterinary Medical Association, professor of immunology at the University of King Faisal, that the virus "Corona" is widespread among poultry for more than 40 years and the virus is transmitted to humans because it is for animals only.
According to Dr. Ahmed Alluyemi, the recent studies confirm the presence of antibodies to the virus, "Corona" in the bodies of camels, pointing out that it can extract these antibodies benefit including Kmsal in the treatment of infected humans.
He said that one of the medical centers of the Ministry of National Guard has injected antibodies soldiers to poisonous snakes prophylaxis them if exposed to the bites, and in reference to the possibility of producing antibodies used Komassal to prevention of human diseases.

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