Saturday, August 24, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus Qatari Confirmed Case Was in Saudi Arabia Previously

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[This article states he was "most likely" doing Umrah in Saudi Arabia.  If he is in "stable condition", why not ask him? ]
Informed sources revealed the that the Qatari national, who proved his HIV Corona virus syndrome Middle East respiratory feet from Saudi Arabia, where most likely he was doing Umrah, and is currently in the room isolate Hospital Hamad General, where receives follow closely, in parallel with make statements and medical monitoring of the health status of his family and those close to him, who he met after his return to the homeland.

after confirming his بالكورونا. assured the same sources that the patient has in a stable condition, which is under the follow-minute, parallel with the launch doctors Hamad Hospital to take all medical procedures provided in such emergency situations, including medical examinations «routine» to the relatives of the patient and Khalthm since returning from Saudi Arabia to ensure that contracting the virus. Sources said that Qatari national, aged 59 years, which yesterday announced the first of his disease Koruna returned from Saudi Arabia, has been introduced Hamad General Hospital since the beginning of the week current, where he was put in a room «isolate» to follow his health and to provide remedies necessary

Earlier, Dr Yusuf Maslamani medical director of the Hamad General Hospital to provide 18 rooms isolate healthy is converted to any patient suspected wound infection Koruna need to while making sure not to illness through medical tests, alluding to the possibility convert a large number of rooms in the hospital to areas isolate healthy if the increased incidence of any infectious diseases. also stressed that Hamad Hospital take strict action, referring to the alert to all medical personnel in the hospital and emergency departments of the need to deal with the rapid all cases of suspected incidence of the virus. He pointed to the emphasis on the medical staff working at the hospital on the need to redouble sterilization procedures when dealing with any suspected cases infected with Corona. explained Dr. Maslamani that protocols dealing with infectious diseases had been prepared since the emergence of bird flu several years ago; therefore it has become a hospital equipped to face any cases The epidemic of infectious diseases, pointing out that the World Health Organization reports proved that the virus Corona became transmitted infection, but on a limited scale and not at rates as wide as it was in the incidence of Pfirose avian and swine.


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