Tuesday, August 20, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus: 2 Cases of "Corona" in Saudi Arabia and one in Qatar

August 21, 2013

Dubai, United Arab Emirates 
(CNN) - witnessed the Gulf region recording three additional cases of the virus, "Corona - Mirs . " he declared Supreme Council of Health in Qatar recording new cases of the virus known as a former Pkorona and currently  Pkorona that causes AIDS Middle East respiratory - Mirs -  a diagonal patient at the age of 59 years .
The council said in a press statement that the patient was out of the country and felt symptoms before coming to the state, and upon arrival it was detected and diagnosed with the disease in the National Influenza Laboratory, stressing that "the patient Atqly treatment right now and is in stable condition."
For its part, the Ministry of Health  Saudi Arabia  Tuesday, registered cases of HIV infection in the Riyadh region, bringing the number of those who were injured in the UK with the virus to  76 cases of whom 39 died .
According to the ministry, the المريضتين aged 50 and 59 years old and suffer from multiple chronic diseases, and shall receive the necessary medical care now.

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