Tuesday, August 20, 2013

H7 Avian Influenza Ostellato Italy Poultry, killing 128,000 chickens

August 15, 2013
Avian Influenza. An isolated farm in Ostellato (Ferrara). Via the killing of 128 thousand chickens

Begin today killing operations in the rearing of laying hens where it was detected the presence of the virus with a highly virulent strain of H7. The Region has issued an order for extraordinary measures to contain the infection.

August 15 - Back to the avian and hits with the usual virulence. This time it happened to a herd of Osterley in the province of Ferrara, where he was found a particularly virulent strain of the virus among the 128 thousand hens present.
The analyzes were carried out by the National Centre of Reference of Padua. The company was immediately isolated and have already been prepared by the ASL of Ferrara and the Veterinary Services of the Emilia Romagna killing operations, which will start today.
It 'was then emanataun'ordinanza regional for the implementation of extraordinary measures required by the relevant national and European health for containment of infection, the monitoring of farms and for the protection of public health. Coordination of efforts is in the hands of the Councillor for Health Policies Carlo Lusenti, Councillor for Agriculture Tiberio Rabboni and vice president of the Salt Simonetta.
Among the measures set out in the order for the establishment of protection zones and surveillance of the affected area, a census of all the companies and the animals, and serological samples by veterinarians, special audits of the whole region and suspension of fairs and markets of vulnerable species of animals.


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