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China: Yulin City: Members of the public as soon as possible symptoms of fever clinic

[Yulin is in Guangxi, the area of the latest victim, Liang (18M).] Map:

Published :2009-01-25

Yulin Daily (Reporter晏悦correspondent陈爱珍) reporter learned from the Municipal Health Bureau, at present in our city and autonomous regions in accordance with the Health Department issued a "further strengthen the people on bird flu prevention and control of the emergency notice" requirements, all medical institutions have been in our city Start fever clinics, various types of medical institutions at all levels to strengthen the fever, cough and other flu-like symptoms and treatment to patients with unexplained pneumonia patients attending pre-hours work, a comprehensive monitoring of human bird flu, and in close cooperation with the livestock sector to monitor the epidemic situation and strengthen prevention.

In our city there is no poultry infected with avian flu
According to relevant departments of the city health bureau person in charge, since the beginning of winter, Vietnam and China's Beijing, Shandong, Shanxi, Hunan and other places people have reported bird flu, in addition, the winter migratory birds across the border with local birds come into contact, have increased the risk of the spread of the epidemic, the epidemic prevention and control, Guangxi has become even more severe. Faced with the prevention and control of the situation, the city health departments have been consulting with the livestock sector to establish exchange of information, joint defense cooperation mechanism to strengthen the poultry and market supervision. Once there is an outbreak, the two departments will be at the same time to arrive at the scene, while investigating the epidemic, while dealing with the epidemic. It was also introduced so far, Guangxi and the city has not yet appeared in poultry infected with bird flu.

Norms and to strengthen disease monitoring and management
Febrile patient is suspected cases of bird flu found in the most effective institutions, in suspected cases of track and medical observation, it is also beneficial to find other close contact with poultry populations, and expand the scope of effective control. According to the city health bureau responsible persons of relevant departments, the city's major hospitals formal opening perennial fever out-patient clinics, medical institutions at all levels since the start of fever clinic, the doctor must be asked in detail about the history of febrile patients to see whether there have been in close contact with poultry. Medical institutions found that patients with pneumonia of unknown causes must be reported immediately to the city of disease control departments, and rescue as soon as possible to minimize the death.

In addition, the City Health Bureau will further strengthen the urban county medical institutions startup fever clinics special supervisors to improve the prevention and control team to check the emergency response capacity, the requirements of various medical institutions at all levels of fever clinics to implement 24-hour, round-the-clock reception fever patients , during the Spring Festival is no exception.

At the same time, the city Health Bureau also called on all levels of disease control departments to enhance disease monitoring and reporting, send professionals engaged in the work of slaughtering poultry population training, teach them to do a good job of personal protective measures to reduce the process of slaughtering infected with avian influenza virus risk.

Members of the public as soon as possible if they develop fever symptoms treatment
According to relevant departments of the city health bureau person in charge of bird flu, mainly through the digestive tract, respiratory tract, skin lesions and conjunctiva, such as the dissemination of a variety of ways, in addition to winter and spring is a high incidence of acute respiratory disease, so people's daily life should be as far as possible avoid contact with wild birds in particular, especially during the Spring Festival to be more attention to eating poultry meat, eggs must be cooked thoroughly, processing, preservation of food raw and cooked separately; to develop good health habits, do a good job Kitchen health, do not eat raw poultry meat and offal, anatomical dead live poultry, livestock and their products by washing hands thoroughly after, as long as there is targeted to take preventive measures, in fact, there is no need to "chickens" and on the bird flu panic.

Of human infection with bird flu, the early symptoms and is very similar to influenza, mainly manifested as fever, runny nose, stuffy nose, cough, pharyngodynia, headache, general malaise, body temperature in the most sustained 39 ℃ Above. Members of the public if they develop fever and respiratory symptoms, should be approaching the regular hospital, and bear in mind whether or not to tell the doctor prior to the onset of the outbound or a history of exposure to poultry. Treatment of late, the disease will rapidly develop into acute pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome, pulmonary hemorrhage, pleural effusion, renal failure and other complications.

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